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Title: 20 random facts about Sirius Black Orientation (or "I'm not bloody in love with my best  friends! Iand who happen to like girls fine, thank you very much")
Author: nevrafire
Character/Pairing (if any): Sirius Black, Minerva Mcgonagall, Mcgonagall/Sirius(one sided crush), Dorcas Meadowes, lily evans, james potter, remus lupin, Andromeda Black-Tonks, Andromeda/Sirius (one sided), Bellatrix/Snape. 
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This piece is based on characters and situations created by J. K. Rowling, and owned by J. K. Rowling and various publishers, including but not limited to: Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made from and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended by the posting of this fic.
Round:   for round seven of the Harry Potter Random Facts Fests at [ profile] hp_random_facts
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1. He doesn't know who started the rumor (he suspects Snivellus or his cousin Bellatrix or one the Slytherins started that)  but he wants to leave it clear- He, Sirius Orion Black, Is NOT Gay. He likes girls very much.

2. if it's it's because he spends so much time time with James Potter and Remus Lupin (and he would be even more disgusted if anyone thinks the same about him and Peter- Wormtail would be a turn off even as a girl.) Well he's got a clear answer for that- they stuck with him through thick and thin, better  than any of his own family ever did (not counting Andromeda and uncle alphard and alright, maybe Regulus but Regulus is on thin ice and sirius is thinking of taking him  off the list), He would die for them, because they feel like a real set of brothers. but he figures Snivellus probably wouldn't understand that since the greasy git probably has no family. 

4. He most definitely doesn't fancy the Greasy git Snivellus either. (that's definitely Bellatrix rumor) He's a Black but he's not that insane and disturbed. (that's his cousin bellatrix- maybe if he sets them up together that will teach them...)

3. He has seen both Prongs and Moony naked plenty of times after the full moon and neither stirred any sort of primal urges or romantic notions inside him. And he spents enough time as a dog to know about those the first. And one night after he heard the rumor he stare at both of them changing to see if he felt anything differently. He didn't, but peter asked him if his brain had stuck as a dog one again. 

4. Now his cousin Andromeda? having to heal her after Bellatrix cursed her definitely stirred something strong inside him- primal then, romantic later. But he was a Black and he knew that kind of relationship ended on his cousin Bella plaguing the world, and he wasn't going to be more like the rest of his family. Plus, Andromeda would have hexed him worse than Bellatrix if he had done anything about his feelings.

5. His feeling for Andromeda seriously dropped, when he caught her and the muggleborn Ted Tonks snogging and he proposed marriage to her. His feeling of betrayal of her leaving override any romantic feeling he had for her. 

6. He admitted he did felt something For lily Evans once. (Maybe because her attitude reminded him a little of Andromeda). But the fancying Evans evaporated pretty quickly, when it became obvious Prongs fancied her. and he would take that fleeting evans fancy to his grave.

7. He would also take to his grave the fact that, alright, he did fancied McGonagall something fierce.  He doesn't know if she ever noticed but he's not going to tell her. Plus he did eaves-dropped on her once having a very personal conversation with someone.  Definitely a Man and he was wearing blue robes. he wondered if it had been professor Kettleburn. 

8. He still tried to make McGonagall break into a smile once in a while. 

9. He also wants to leave it on the record that he is not, as one Robughilda from Hufflepuff put it, a "sex beast".  (that's the girl he was purposely ignoring after fifth year OWL exams). The amount of girls he dated while on Hogwarts he can count on one hand. the girls he shagged with both. but a total of 15 in 4-5 years doesn't make you a sex addict, does it?  

10. Plus he spent more time doing pranks with Prongs, Moony and Wormtail than on his dates with girls. And he's realizing that's probably how Snivellus started the rumor. He has to remember to set him and Bellatrix soon.  He finally did, by sneaking out an Amortentia potion from Slughorn's class. The Four days that potion lasted were both priceless and something he would like to obliviate himself about. (he didn't thought that Bellatrix would be so insane to try to shag Snivellus in the Great Hall over breakfast). 

11. and Speaking of sex addicts, that pompous git Gilderoy Lockhart looks more the type, what's with so many girls fancying him. Sirius personally thought Lockhart was the gay one, what's with taking  mirror everywhere with him. 

12. He admits, at one point before they all became friends, he thought Moony was gay, but then it obviously turned out about him being a werewolf and that's why he was being so distant from his dormmates. 

13. Sirius did asked him, offhand, why he never asked out a girl, specially that pretty perfect Ravenclaw Perfect  Margaret Connelly. Moony said he had, during prefect duties, asked her out. they had gone on one single date after prefect duties, during which he almost bite her neck. he said he got so scared witless that he could have passed his lycanthropy to her, that he left and never talked to her again. that's why he never tried to show any interest in girls. 

14. Moony did admit, very guilty, that he did thought maybe Lily. But Again, Prongs liked her. And the lycantropy problem. 

15. Then after Hogwarts, being in the Order made trying to get a girlfriend a really hard thing to do, what's with Death Eaters being after you, and Voldemort.... not the best time to have a girlfriend. 

16. But then Dorcas Meadowes shows up, and she reminded Sirius so fiercely of both Mcgonagall and Andromeda that he took an instant liking to her. Not to mention he was the first girl who said no to a nice shag and who made sirius question his bachelor life. 

17. In retrospect, while the murder of James and Lily is what crushed him, the murder of Dorcas is what first broke him. 

18. After the events of Harry's fourth year, with Voldemort being back, Sirius was tasked to recruit more members. He found Tabitha Selwyn. she said she wanted to take revenge on her cousin for Turning a DE. she was so much Dorcas that at first Sirius thought it was her or s cousin. she proved him wrong, she was better.

19. They were both going to be best man and woman at Remus and Nymphadora's wedding (which it's bound to happen with both of them flirting with each and being too thick to realize it- Moony just so obvious that he's smitten with Tonks). 

20. Sirius finds it unfair that just when he has managed to break off from his depression about being locked up in Grimauld place, proposing to Tabitha, being the best man at Moony and Tonks wedding....The Veil happened. 



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