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Harry Potter DH
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(needs a fangirling icon)

I had some doubts, and the movie is not perfect, but


come talk to me about it!

(Will do a review later today but overall the feeling is:

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If anyone is interested in a Next Gen Harry Potter story that doesn't follow Cursed Child...

The Heirloom Grove is currently casting for an epilogue-centric short film. It's first part of the project followed by a fanfic once the short film is done.

casting is for people in UK only but I figure people can spread the word cause the short film seems to be the most important part thing needed.

(I'm helping a little, including spreading the word)

the project is on LJ:




it would be so cool if it gets made. 
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 photo hptps 0-1 banner_zpsod0f0nnr.jpg
banner by [ profile] knowmefirst

I'm definitely going to check it out
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Really looking forward to going to the movies in the coming months.

First, there's the sequel to "Now You See Me' which i loved, coming out June 10. Daniel Radcliffe being in it too makes it even better. It's hilarious that he's going to play a non-magician. (hope there's no harry potter references tho. That would be mean).

(I'm going to miss Isla fisher's Henley too. Not reall sold on the new girl character)

Then I seriously Can't wait for Fantastic Beasts. The last trailer got me super excited and the updated Hedwig Theme made me cry.
I'm really looking forward to know more about Newt, Tina, Queenie, Jacob, Graves and MACUSA president Seraphina.
(ALSO THE BEASTS!!!! The Niffler was sooooooo cute!!!!)

lastly, so thrilled at how the Beauty & The Beast movie looks! it looks Gorgeous!!! and the little glimpse of Belle!Emma got me so excited!

(why do we have to wait sooooooo long tho?!)

what are you all excited about?
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TODAY (NOVEMBER 3RD) IS SIRIUS BLACK'S BIRTHDAY! (Officially confirmed by JKR- Finally!!!)

come join the Fest!
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Happy Birthday Neville!

To Celebrate- here's some of my Favorite Ginny/Neville fanfics!

*Title: A Knight in Rusty Armour
Author: coffee_n_cocoa

Summary: Six moments where Neville was there when Ginny needed him.

* TITLE: First Kiss

SUMMARY: Neville glanced over his shoulder, surprised by the interruption and even more startled by Ginny’s presence. “Ginny, what are you doing here?” Ginny shrugged. “Visiting you.”

* TITLE: Boudicca
Author: Lokifan

SUMMARY: Ginny reminds Neville of Boudicca, flame-haired warrior queen. She likes that.

* Title: A Blaze for Yule
Author: Celandine

Summary: They spend a perfect afternoon together.

* Title: The Lover and the Soldier
Author: butforthegrace

Summary: Whenever people go off to war, the books always talk about how hard it is for the soldier when he leaves. They talk about his lover, worrying at home as she sees him off, and they talk about the tragedy of when he comes home in a body bag. They never talk about what happens if the lover is a soldier, too.

*Title: Mistletoe
Author: tryslora

Summary: Neville takes Ginny to the Yule Ball in his fourth year. She is braver than he is.

*Title: Still Hope
Author: Celandine

Summary: Neville gives a gift of hope

*Title: Complementarity
Author: Celandine

Summary: Revising for N.E.W.T.s has unexpected consequences.

*Title:  Family Christmas
Author: Celandine

Summary: Neville and Ginny compromise about what to do for Christmas.

*Title: Lost And Found
Author: kcstories

Summary: Two weeks have passed since Augusta’s funeral and no one has heard from Neville since. A worried Ginny visits him and decides he needs her help.

* The Dance
Author: Celandine

Summary: Dancing isn’t Neville’s strong suit.

*Title: Gryffindor’s Hero
Author: Jenwryn

Summary: And Ginny’s watching Neville again.

*The Disasterous Christmas
Author: Elfflame

Summary: Ginny/Neville - Nev botches up their first Christmas together as newlyweds.

* Title: The Dating Game
Author/Artist: alisanne

Summary:  Neville finally asks Ginny out for dinner on Christmas Eve. When they get to the restaurant, they see Gran Longbottom there on a date with ____________.

*Title: A Day in Bed
Author/Artist: csichick_2

Summary: When a snow storm ruins their plans, Neville and Ginny spend the day in bed.

For my fellow Flaming Toad//Nevra shippers!!! Enjoy!

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Due to some unforeseen things (aka had to change plane tickets because extended Family stuff) I'm still not in the UK.
We leave instead next saturday- which is not bad and we'll be there by September 1st (and I'm going to convince my parents to go to the studio tour so that it can really be a HP centric day!)

and because of excitement to go to UKmy brain got invaded by a plotbunny to do a "dear diary" sort of fanfic from an OC perspective about "going to Hogwarts".

I'm already plotting it but I need a bit of help--

which would be more Canon-realistic premise for the OC beginning at Hogwarts?

A. Someone who got the original Hogwarts letter at 11, travelled with the Hogwarts Express, got to hogwarts, got sorted, but by end of week parents pulled her out because they "don't think she's ready for Hogwarts".  So she gets home-schooled (family full of ex-professors) and comes back for Third Year?


B. gone to different wizardry school and transfers to Hogwarts by third year? (the books/jkr? mentioned the possibility of transfer/exchange students (bill & the brazilian person?)- even if we never saw one in book canon.

I can go with either- but I want the one that would actually fit canon and not come across as rule-bending Mary Sue

so anyone can give me a hand with it? I sort of really want to write this and share it. 
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And Now for the people on my friendlist that are from the rest of the World---
Happy International Friendship Day!
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So a friend from Argentina mentioned to me on Facebook that Today is Friendship Day (Dia Del Amigo) over there so---

Happy Dia Del Amigo to my South American/Argentinean Friends!!!
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(sorry to those who aren't sailor moon fans and get this on their feed)

I forgot that there was going to be a Sailor Moon reboot comming up this month.

It made me very nostalgic. I remember begging my mom to make a Sailor Moon costume when I was little and running everywhere fighting imaginary monsters shouting "I'll defeat you with my moon powers!" or something like that

I also remember having one of those music& sound sailor moon things:

which I remember taking Everywhere and playing the music All the Time. I'm pretty sure the reason why it disappeared is probably my cousins throwing it away.

the reboot looks Pretty but... a little too pretty? or is it just me? (also I find it odd that they had darien/mamoru wearing a "tuxedo" as everyday wear- do they think people stupid that they won't be able to tell his "secret?" or did he wore it too in the manga?

I'm gonna keep watching, see where it goes.

can't wait for Sailor Venus she was my favorite!
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(just got back and needed to nap before posting this)

I managed to convince my family to go to the hp Diagon Alley theme park but instead of going to week before we leave for the UK we went this weekend.

I cried a lot of happy tears when I walked past the magic brick wall into Diagon Alley.  It looked so much more incredible than the videos.

I seen pictures of London from a vacation my family took when i was little (so I don't think it counts as being to london) but it seems they got the "london" look pretty close (the train station part definitely looks identical to what I seen from english train stations).They even included a little book detail- the fact that the muggle entrance to the leaky Cauldron was between a "big book shop and a record shop". That made me smile.

the ride in the hogwarts express was like a dream come true. and it was so much fun (specially "seeing" the trio outside of the compartment *except for the part where Ron was made to be a "all I care about is food and Hermione scolds him with "honestly ronald" and blah blah ughhh. Ron was made to look so much better in the Hogwarts Castle/Forbidden journey ride).

 (and now I know the hogwarts express compartments can fit up to six people- which I been wanting to know for the longest time)

I can only describe the park as "whimsy" it's very coloring and crazy and there's so many things going on all around (Weasley Wizard Wheezes was incredible! they even had the giant (Fred?) head with the magic hat and disappearing rabbit. ) they have a lot of cool stuff. I was happy to find they sell decoy detonators (although the toy itself doesn't do much- but it's still a fun one)

Quality Quidditch looks great- but it doesn't have a lot of stuff (and the quidditch sweaters are so ridiculously expensive- $108 for one sweater!?!?)

the ollivander wandshop in diagon alley is slightly better only because it's not so small and so people don't feel cramp up in there. (the "ollivanders" there also does something better- he doesn't forget to measure people with a measuring tape as he asks info about their wand arms,etc- which is in the book and I can't believe they didn't do this in the original wandshop in hogsmeade)

haven't gone to the gregorovitch wandshop though.

the "interactive" wands Are Super cool!!!! like it feels like you're doing real magic!!! (although they're very sensitive- I dropped mine and had to get it repaired because the mechanism inside got crooked when it hit the floor-

so if you buy an interactive wand- Don't Drop it.

wiseacre wizard equipment was a very pretty store but the merchandise didn't really grabbed me (save a cauldron mug- that was cool. )

same with madam malkins- the store is very pretty and the manequis have beautiful outfits (they have a mock up of what I think is fleurs wedding dress? and it was a projection of flowers on it- very beautiful) but they don't sell half the stuff they display (they seem to sell only hogwart houses robes and hats. and they don't sell hermione yule ball dress)

I bought tons of stuff at Scribbulus (mainly quills and inkwells and parchment so I can send hogwarts-style stuff from when I'm in the uk)

Magical Menagerie was awesome too (and I was able to identify all the animals- even the Crumple-Horned Snorkack (although the employee there said it wasn't that but Evanna/Luna said it was and I believe her) (although why they had to sell ferret plushies ughh. those are not approved hogwarts pets! I don't care what the movie said!)

borgis and burke was genuinely so creepy. (I saw the hand of glory and it scared the daylight out of me because I wasn't expect it to move)
(also did not appreciated the store clerk who hid in the dark corner outside the store and jumped at us. I don't care if it's in character I felt my heart going up my throat)

I been to the Hogsmeade park before (saved up to go two years ago) and I'm glad that they were more aware of how hot it gets when they built Diagon Alley because it was so much easier to spend all day in the Diagon Alley park than it was in the Hogsmeade one (lots more shade in Diagon Alley- knockturn alley was even all dark out so that was good to get out of the blazing sun)

speaking of blazing sun--- the fortescue ice cream shop was so amazing! we got to try all the flavors over the weekend and they're all delicious!

other than that Best thing were the celestina warbeck show and the puppeteer "tale of three brothers" show. super fun!
(although having heard celestina warbeck and it being stablished she has a jazz-y style of music- I really don't understand why everyone except molly weasley hates her music. the only thing I can think of this in regard to fleur's dislike of her is maybe fleur likes classical music and so dislikes celestina jazz-yness? cause otherwise i don't know. the songs were catchy!!!)

the gringotts ride was also super cool! (although wow how technology advanced since the first hp park open- the hologram thing with bill and the goblin made the stuff in the forbidden journey look a little dated- and it hasn't been that long!)

so yeah. super awesome and amazing trip and i highly recommend everyone going!
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So Ginny, Fred & George Bonnie Wright, James & Oliver Phelps went through an exclusive behind-the scenes preview of Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley  and.... *SIGHS* IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL I'M CRYING TEARS OF JOY.

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Hope Everyone has a Happy Easter today!
(And for those who don't celebrate it and/or do something different- hope you have a nice spring sunday)
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From Hypable:
"Pushing Daisies show creator Bryan Fuller has announced that he’s hoping to bring the cast back for a project or two.
Fuller states in the interview, “I’ve had conversations very recently with Barry Sonnenfeld about financing a film, and with Kristin Chenoweth and Warner Brothers about developing a stage musical.”
Additionally, Fuller said that some sort of revival is also on its way: “We’re working on something that is definitely a Pushing Daisies revival, and the idea would be to have as many cast as we can to participate in it.”
We’re hoping that they’ll be able to get the full cast to return, which includes Lee Pace, Kristen Chenoweth, Anna Friel, Ellen Greene, Chi McBride, Swoosie Kurtz, and maybe even Jim Dale as the narrator."

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So I adore Ron, and while I love him in the movies as well,  I personally think that while the movies don’t give him enough credit/All the scenes he deserves- he does got a good dozens of scenes in the movies.
So I made a list of the most Awesome/best Ron//Romione movies in movies 1-8. And I need Gifs of those moments.
so what I need from you amazing Ron//Romione fans in my f-list is one of two things:
Either 1.  comment on this post with found links to the gifs of the scenes I ask for.
or 2. If you’re Great at making gifs and have ALL the hp movies to make gifs- PLEASEEEEEE make gifs from the scenes i ask for.
so, the list of Awesome Ron//Romione scenes in all 8 movies are:
(And If there’s a particular badass/epic Ron or sweet romione moment that I missed please link/do me a gifs of those too):
(The crossed-out ones I already found)

so i need gifs of:

I'm ron

Ron tropes

Ron Awesome moments:

Ron the concerned friend

Harry/Ron friendship-- ps


Ron ps moments
*The Chess scene ("As for me, I'll be a Knight//“It has to be you Harry; not Me, Not Hermione- You!):


Ron/Hermione new BFF

**Important— “YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT ONE MALFOY!! Eat slugs!”

Concerned-brother Ron- Her skeleton will lie in the chamber foreve--- GInny ):
"What About my Sister?! you’re the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher! you can’t leave now!":
01:51:04 Are you going somewhere?
01:51:06 Well, yes. Urgent call. Unavoidable. Got to go.
01:51:09 - What about my sister? -
01:51:13 Well, As to that, most unfortunate. No one regrets more than I.
01:51:16 You're the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher! You can't go now!

Ron: Harry Say something! Say something in parseltongue!:

Lock: Now boys what good would that do?
Ron: Better you than us
*”Hermione he’s not worth it! *Hermione punches Malfoy* Not Good, bloody brilliant!* (PoA):

*Ron making a grudging effort to see harry (“Ron told me that seamus told him…”):
*The reconciliation between Harry and Ron (“No see it was me all along who told you about the dragons”):
*Ron pulls back Harry and prevents him from punching Malfoy:

*Ron defends Harry:
"Seamus: you don’t believe all the rubbish he’s saying about YKW?Ron: Yeah, I do, Does anyone else has a problem with:
- What’s going on?
- He’s mad, is what’s going on.
Do you believe the rubbish he’s
come out with about You-Know-Who?
Yeah. I do.
Has anyone else
got a problem with Harry?
- You all right?
- Fine.
Seamus was bang out of order, mate. But he’ll come through, you’ll see.
- I said, I’m fine, Ron.
Right. I’ll just leave you
to your thoughts, then.

Harry?/Don’t listen to Seamus Harry.:
*Ron is concerned about Harry having scars on his hands (EVEN when Hermione is the one getting the dialogue):
Ron: Bloody hell, Harry.
The woman’s torturing you.  If the parents knew about this…
*Ron: What does he think, we’re forming some sort of wizard army?
Zacharias smith: Why?
Ron: Why? Cause Voldemort is back, you toss pot!
*Ron going “Yay! Harry! and saying “congratulations mate in DA.:

Romione loving gaze at DA :

romione loving gaze at GP

*Ron trying to encourage harry after Umbridge busts the DA and Dumbledore leaves.:

Ron: No one could win against that old hag. Even Dumbledore didn’t see this coming.
Hermione: Harry, if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s ours.
Ron: Yeah, we talked you into it.
Harry: Yeah, but I agreed. I tried so hard to help, and all it’s done is make things worse. Anyway, that doesn’t matter anymore. Because I don’t want to play anymore. All it does is make you care too much. And the more you care, the more you have to lose.

*before hagrid-grawp scene):

Ron "my brothers are awesome" moment:
*Ron tries to save Hermione from Grawp.:
* (Harry and Hermione return from leaving umbridge in the forest):

Ron: I told them I was hungry and wanted some sweets, they told me to bugger off and ate them.
Hermione: That was Clever Ron!Ron: *cheeky grin* It’s been known to happen. /You don’t have to do this by yourself mate.:
Hermione: How’d you get away?
Ginny: Puking Pastilles. It wasn’t pretty.
Ron: Told them I was hungry, and wanted some sweets. They told me to bugger off and ate the lot themselves.
Ron: That was clever, Ron.
Ron:  It’s been known to happen.
Neville: It was brilliant. So how are we getting to London?
Harry: Look, it’s not that I don’t appreciate everything you’ve done, all of you……but I’ve got you into enough trouble as it is.
Neville: Dumbledore’s Army’s supposed to be about doing something real. Or was that all just words to you?
Ron: Maybe you don’t have to do this all by yourself, mate.
Harry: So how are we going to get to London?

*Harry thinking of BOTH Ron and Hermione while being possessed:

*Ron checking in on harry in the Gryffindor common room after they escape from DoM:
Ron: Feast is about to start
HP: Thanks Ron but I'm not really in the mood.
Ron: You know I'm not hungry either
HP: You go on, Really, I'll be ok

*The trio laughing and joking in the burrows :

sort of lost it, last week.
Said Ginny and I have
no business going back to Hogwarts.
It's too dangerous.
Oh, come on.
She's not alone.
Even my parents.
They're Muggles,
know something
bad's happening.
Dad stepped in.
Told us she was
being barmy and...
Took a few days,
but she came around.
But, this is Hogwarts
we're talking about.
It's Dumbledore.
What could be safer?
There's been a lot of talk
recently that...
got a bit old.
What rubbish!
Well, he's only...
How old is he?
*Deleted scene- Ron and hermione share a moment in Knockturn alley while harry tries to spy on malfoy.:

 Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince-Ron and Hermione love  (where you can see the deleted scene):
*don’t you find it strange that draco and his mommy are a skulking around?:

Ron boasts about being better than mclaggen
*Come on Harry we’ve got a game to win!/ being awesome in the game.
*R/Hr scene at the three broomsticks- you’ve got something on you… *hermione whips butterbeer off her lip*/”oh bloody hell. I’m leaving./ you can’t be serious/ that’s my sister/So?/if she saw you snogging me would you get up and leave?.:
*McG: why is it always you three?/ Ron: Believe me prof. i been asking myself that for six years:
*Ron is the one that gives harry the idea of using felix felicis to get the memory out of slughorn.:
Still no luck with Slughorn then,
DH!!!- Parts 1 & 2:
*Harry & Ron hug in privet drive.
*IMPORTANT- Ron trying to dissuade Harry from going off alone*:
RON (O.S.)
Going somewhere?
Harry stiffens, turns to meet Ron’s accusatory gaze, then
continues on.
No one else is going to die. Not
for me.
For you? You think Madeye died
for you? You think George took
that curse for you? You may be
the Chosen One, mate, but this is
a whole lot bigger than that.
Harry stares at Ron. The air is tense.
Come with me. Now.
And leave Hermione? Are you mad?
We wouldn’t last two days without
HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY… – PT. 1 – Rev. 6/11/10 26.
34 CONTINUED: (2) 34
(glancing around)
Don’t tell her I said that.

Tonight’s not the night, mate.
You’d only be doing him a favor.
Harry stares at Ron — incensed by his cool demeanor and
common sense. Finally, he turns away, tosses the
rucksack in frustration. For a moment they stand like
this, Harry’s back to Ron. Silent. Finally Ron speaks.
Do you think he knows?
Harry turns his head halfway, but doesn’t speak.
I mean, they’re bits of his soul,
the Horcruxes. Bits of him. When
Dumbledore destroyed the ring and
you destroyed Tom Riddle’s diary
all those years ago — he must’ve
felt something right?
Harry ponders this, but remains silent.
*Ron “You’re amazing!” to Hermione about her beaded bag.:
*at the cafe- Ron recognizing the DE and wanting to kill them, Hermione stopping him/ Ron trusting hermione to do the obliviating spell.:
This is Dolohov. I recognize him
from the wanted posters.
Ron rolls him over with his foot. Dolohov’s eyes shift
in fear from Harry to Hermione, then back to Ron.
So what do we do with you, huh?
Kill us if it was turned round,wouldn’t you?
Hermione: Ron...
RON-Suppose it’s him that did Mad-Eye.
How would you feel then?
Harry- HARRY
It’s better we wipe their
memories. We kill them, they’ll
know we were here.
You’re the boss.
(turning to Hermione)
She turns, looks at him. He reaches out, wipes a trickle
of blood from her cheek.
You’re the best at this.
*Ron defending hermione against kreacher’s slurs.
*Ron trying to convince Mary Cattermole that he’s not reg and to leave and get her kids to safety.:
*The splinching scene and Hermione fretting over Ron.:

*Deleted scene! Ron explaining the taboo.:

*Deleted scene- Ron and hermione play by the lake shore, ron trying to teach hermione how to make pebbles skip.:
The fight between Harry and Ron before Ron “leaves”. (the  ”Yeah I’m still here” flickers deluminator scene-:
*Ron coming back, saving Harry and destroying the locket:
*Deleted scene-in behind the scenes (“The frozen lake”):
Ron- I’m sorry I left.
*Ron and Harry friendship moment after he comes back:
I’ve always liked it. These
flames Hermione makes.
Harry peers at the bowl, then beyond the tent flap, sees
Hermione sitting just outside, keeping watch.
How long you reckon she’ll stay
mad at me?
Keep talking ‘bout that little
ball of light touching your heart
– she’ll come round.
It was true. Every word.
(a beat)
You’re going to think I’m mental,
but I think that’s why Dumbledore
left it to me — the Deluminator.
I think he knew that at some point
I’d… need to find my way back.
And she’d lead me.
Harry eyes Ron, pondering this. Then suddenly, Ron jumps
up, grabs his own rucksack and begins to fish through it.
Bloody hell. I just realized.
You need a wand, right?
Well, I’ve got one. Here. It’s
Blackthorn, ten inches, nothing
special, but I reckon it’ll do. I
took it off a Snatcher a few weeks
HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY… – PT. 1 – Rev. 6/11/10 110.
145 CONTINUED: (4) 145
Don’t tell Hermione, but they’re a
bit dim, Snatchers. This one was
definitely part Troll. The smell
off him…
Harry points the wand at the flames.

*After they return to hogwarts and are in the RoR*
Ron: she hasn’t seen me in months and treats me like i’m frankie first year, i’m her brother/Shut up seamus.:

talking about the diadem:
Ron- Excuse me, can someone tell me what bloody diadem is?

Ron & hermione talk plan to harry:
Hermione and I were thinking,
it doesn't matter if we find the Horcrux.
What do you mean?
Unless we can destroy it.
So, we were thinking...
Well, Ron was thinking, it was Ron's idea.
It was completely brilliant
You destroyed Tom Riddle's diary
with a Basilisk fang, right?
Well, me and Hermione did remind
where we might find one.
*Ron and Hermione in the chamber of secrets:
Ron- *speaks parseltongue and opens the chamber* Harry talks in his sleep, haven’t you noticed? *grin*
*Ron encourages Hermione to destroy the cup.:

Romione Kiss:

romione kiss book

Ron figures out Harry is in the room of requirement- Hermione is impressed and in awe- scene.:
Bloody hell!
We'll never find him on this.
Here he is!
- He's just...
- Brilliant!
He just vanished.
I'm sure I saw it.
Maybe he's gone to the Room of Requirement.
It doesn't show up on the map, does it?
You said that last year.
That's right, I did.
then Let's go.
*That’s my girlfriend you numpty!:
Ron encouraging Harry to use his voldemort-link to see where nagini :
Look inside him, Harry.
Find out where he is,
if you find him, we can find the snake.
And we can end this!
Deleted scenes (revealed in BTS* - Ron yells in defiance at Voldemort’s announcement that they have to hand in harry/ “He beat you!”:
Extended voldemort speech
*Romione against Nagini- scene.:

Ron//Romione during the battle of Hogwarts

heart-broken Ron

"if we die for them..."

Romione- holding hands:

Epic Ron fanart:

Dazzled Ron:

Auror Ron:

Romione sleeps together

Romione nap together

R+HR- just a question

~~~~ **~~~


Ron CoS moments

Ron ootp moments

Romione moments

PS- Ron admits to Hermione poweress

romione moments

trio friendship start

Ron Bloody hell moments- in dh

ron- bloody hell its a dragon

ron- bloody hell where is harry?

trio friendship

romione moments

romione moments poa

ron's fav

little ron moments

trio friendship-2

mini moment- at the three broomsticks (Ron: thick-heads)

Ron PS moments

Romione PoA moments

Harry/Ron friendship moments

Ron is funny- cos moment

CoS- supportive friend ron- they were starving him mum!

ron smart moment- cos

cool moment- mcG class

Ron/Harry friendship moments-ps

Ron infront of the mirror of erised

Harry/Ron- goofy friend moment

Harry/Ron best friends forever

hot DH ron

art- ron/hermione by ezequiel 47

Ron-Harry friendship


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