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Snowflake Challenge--- Day 10
In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your wish-list if you feel comfortable doing so. Maybe someone will grant a wish. Check out other people's posts. Maybe you will grant a wish. If any wishes are granted, we'd love it if you link them to this post.

(Disclaimer: If anyone in particular on my flist pays attention to this, you're under no obligation whatsoever to write/draw something--- only if you want to do it)

snowflake wishlist

I would like a new Harry/Demelza fic. quidditch related maybe? :D
Harry/Susan something epically romantic. like reunion-after-the-battle-kiss or susan is injured and harry thinks she's going to die and they kiss. Or Mediwitch Susan healing injured Auror!Harry.

Wedding day.

or AU! harry/Susan epilogue with james, albus  & lily luna (and albus doesn't have that awful "authorial intent" middle name.

or Harry buys a patented daydreaming from Fred&George and he starts having daydreams of Susan. the awkward confession and getting together.
AU. Ginny/Neville with their children. (One of them named Brian or Brienne)

Ginny and Neville going on an epic adventure together. Where they start off as best friend and end up getting together romantically.
albus dumbledore/ minerva mcgonagalll
Any drawing.

favored AU! where Dumbledore fakes his murder and reunites with McGonagall at the battle of Hogwarts (and McG knew of the fake out. Cause they're BFF/Lovers)

Secret romance

Something based on this song:
Richard Harris- Proposal
sirius/dorcas or sirius/marlene

Anything based on this song:
Ben Barnes- Where we wanna be

or Sirius/Dorcas or Sirius/Marlene icons. (with Ben Barnes as Sirius)
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Happy New Year everyone!   Hope Everyone had a great holiday season and a good new years (Hello 2014! I have such high hopes for you)

I saw this meme floating around and decided to participate too, because it looks like fun (even when I'm really behind- so you get 3 days in one, so I can catch up)

Snowflake Challenge---Day One:
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.
(It had to be my work first, why? oh well...)

Looking back on the work I done since I joined lj, i'm surprised that I have a nice handful of works, and to have works I'm proud off, so i'm picking five instead of three.

1. Her Family's Christmas (ART) for hpholiday-2013

I loved doing this piece, because there's so little fanworks about Hermione's parents, pre or post war, and specially happy one. (although, fyi, its been Comfirmed by Rowling  that they have a happy ending).
I love the way the little details came out (love doing hermione's coat) , and the way I managed to do the body language, and specially, I love drawing Hermione's parents and very happy on how they came up. Definitely hoping to do more with Hermione and her parents.

2. Samhain Twilight for Manghahabi (DRABBLE) for hp-halloween- 2012

I love autumn, it's favorite season, so I really had fun with the flowery imagery here, and I really wanted to paint a picture of warmth and magic and what Autumn represents to me. Also including some of my favorite pairings and headcanon (Neville's patronus) made me happy.

3. "Fragment Memories from Neverland" (DRABBLES + ART) for adopt-a-prompt- 2012

When I saw this Harry Potter/Peter Pan crossover prompt, I Knew I had to do it. I always loved Peter Pan, and I love Harry Potter so I definitely wanted to have it and give it my all. I had so much fun doing it and it made me love both Peter Pan and Harry Potter more than I already did.

I do definitely want to flesh this out into a full-written fanfic and I'm definitely working on it and will get it posted this year.

4. "Μαθαίνοντας από τις υπηρέτριες Ωκεανό ("Learning from the Ocean maids") for reversathon-2012

Oh wow I had so much fun doing this! Specially drawing younger!dumbledore. I had fun doing research for the background (which looks pretty) and the mermaid (which was so hard to draw but so worth it cause it looks pretty so pretty) And the mermish language (which is the taken from the alphabet from Disney's "Atlantis")

5. Before we Remember the grief- we live and love For hp-may-madness- 2012

I loved doing this because of the pairings that I got to write about (two which are otps). I'm also really happy with the imagery and the details I put into each drabble.

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Title: Seven Years- (Ron/Hermione-FANVIDEO)
Artist: Julia Coolia.
Rating: PG
Why I loved it: Ron/Hermione are one of my 3 OTP and I though this was a lovely tribute to them. A fanvideo&fan-written Song it tells of Hermione's developing feeling for Ron throughout the seven years (and beyond). The song was beautiful and I admit I teared up a bit at my beautiful OTP. Definitely watch this!
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Title:HPPS The Flying Motorbike:
Artist: SaBenerica
Rating: PG (implied neglect?)
Why I loved it: The amount of small details on this piece is a treat to look at, and the artist really breathed life into this, giving us a detailed glimpse of what Harry´s experience pre-Hogwarts was like. At the same time, really looking at the details breaks your heart because you can see just how lonely harry is (those drawings of a "happy family" *SNIFF*)

Title:Harry Potter Bookmarks:
Rating: G
Why I loved it: These are just so cool and creative, and despite their simplicity I´m in awe puzzlement about how the artist did them.

Title:Escape from Gringotts:
Rating: PG
Why I loved it: This is Such a EPIC piece. The colors areso rich and vibrant, making the entire piece alive and seemingly jump at you. (look at that red hot fire!)

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1. Title: The Marauders: (COSPLAY)
Rating: G
Why I loved it: It Really hard to find Good guy cosplayers for Harry Potter. This is a gem not only because they're All guys but Also they manage to look a Lot like the actual Marauders *although their Sirius seems more movie!Sirius/Gary Oldman than book!Canon but- still works* and PETER! they picked a peter that's plumpy and Round Faced. (As it Should be)

2. Title: Avatared Marauders:
Artist: Viria
Rating: G?
Why I loved it: Crossovers! I love crossovers! (specially well done ones). I think which-bender is which of the Marauders is Well done and accurate. (Sirius Is Definitely A firebender).

3. Title: Special Friends (ART CRAFT):
Artist: current anonymous due to Fest.
Rating: G.
Why I loved it: knitted Padfoot & Crookshanks going on an adventure together. This is THE Cutest piece of FanArt I seen in a long time. (also really creative- the artist made them herself! which must have been So hard). The combination of the knitted animals combined with the posed photographs makes this like a little life-like comic. Also it gave me the overwhelming desire to have a stuffed Padfoot. Major thumbs up to this!
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*Title: Simple Potterific 14- Yule Ball surprise:

Why I loved it: Another oldie-but a goodie Rec. I loved ktshy Potterific comics. They were really fun and colorful (and was sad when she stopped making them)
Now, I'm not a Dramione shipper At All-but I liked this comic for the prettiness that the design of Hermione's Yule Ball look and the hilarious aspect of Malfoy wanting to say something hurtful and say something completely different instead ;p

*Title: Pansy Parkinson:
Artist: feliciacano
Rating: G
Why I loved it: Even If I love the movies and their representation of *Most* of the characters, I still enjoy looking at Book Canon FanArt of them in their exaggerated features glory. In this case, Pansy Parkinson and her clearly puggish nose. This artist also has a Gorgeous story-book style.

*Title: Pansy Parkinson:
Rating: G
Why I loved it: Love it when Hp artists go on and design wizard-esque fashion. Specially adding the pointy witch-y hats that I much missed from the movies. In this case I love the combination of purple & green, the swirly pattern and the stripped socks with pointy shoes. Very witchy.

*Title: Slytherin Girls Aren't So Bad:
Artist: NicoPony
Rating: G
Why I loved it: Love the vintage style of this Artist's (Nicopony) style. And this was such a cute book moment to illustrate (look at the Baby Unicorns!)

*Title: A Different Sort of Dance:
Authot: leigh-adams
Summary: Pansy finds a way to entertain herself during yet another Malfoy party.
Rating: R
Why I love it: I love the characterization of Harry in this a foil to Pansy's grumpyness. but for me the Highlight was little scorpius letter to Pansy. It was Adorable and portrayed Scorpius as a lot more aware of things that little kids are given credit for. So cute and Funny!


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