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Happy New Year everyone!   Hope Everyone had a great holiday season and a good new years (Hello 2014! I have such high hopes for you)

I saw this meme floating around and decided to participate too, because it looks like fun (even when I'm really behind- so you get 3 days in one, so I can catch up)

Snowflake Challenge---Day One:
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.
(It had to be my work first, why? oh well...)

Looking back on the work I done since I joined lj, i'm surprised that I have a nice handful of works, and to have works I'm proud off, so i'm picking five instead of three.

1. Her Family's Christmas (ART) for hpholiday-2013

I loved doing this piece, because there's so little fanworks about Hermione's parents, pre or post war, and specially happy one. (although, fyi, its been Comfirmed by Rowling  that they have a happy ending).
I love the way the little details came out (love doing hermione's coat) , and the way I managed to do the body language, and specially, I love drawing Hermione's parents and very happy on how they came up. Definitely hoping to do more with Hermione and her parents.

2. Samhain Twilight for Manghahabi (DRABBLE) for hp-halloween- 2012

I love autumn, it's favorite season, so I really had fun with the flowery imagery here, and I really wanted to paint a picture of warmth and magic and what Autumn represents to me. Also including some of my favorite pairings and headcanon (Neville's patronus) made me happy.

3. "Fragment Memories from Neverland" (DRABBLES + ART) for adopt-a-prompt- 2012

When I saw this Harry Potter/Peter Pan crossover prompt, I Knew I had to do it. I always loved Peter Pan, and I love Harry Potter so I definitely wanted to have it and give it my all. I had so much fun doing it and it made me love both Peter Pan and Harry Potter more than I already did.

I do definitely want to flesh this out into a full-written fanfic and I'm definitely working on it and will get it posted this year.

4. "Μαθαίνοντας από τις υπηρέτριες Ωκεανό ("Learning from the Ocean maids") for reversathon-2012

Oh wow I had so much fun doing this! Specially drawing younger!dumbledore. I had fun doing research for the background (which looks pretty) and the mermaid (which was so hard to draw but so worth it cause it looks pretty so pretty) And the mermish language (which is the taken from the alphabet from Disney's "Atlantis")

5. Before we Remember the grief- we live and love For hp-may-madness- 2012

I loved doing this because of the pairings that I got to write about (two which are otps). I'm also really happy with the imagery and the details I put into each drabble.

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Hi everyone!
I recently found this really,really cool multi-fandom comunity that does a once a year "christmas-gift giving" type fest, and It looks fantastic!

[ profile] wishlist_fic

I been browsing their 2012 fest stuff and they have A Lot of great fandoms to play with:
Harry Potter (of course), Buffy, Avengers, Doctor Who, LoTR, OuAT, inception, sailor moon,Percy Jackson,etc

the best part is? it has crossover- so you could write Hp/Doctor Who, HP/OuAT, HP/Avengers,etc


A more descriptive description of the comm is this one:
The premise is very simple. Writers & Artist, sign up to fill a certain number of prompts which they then post all through December until Christmas. Ideally, that'd be 24 ficlets for 24 days. Half and quarter Wishlists are also accepted (ie, 12 or 6 prompts).

The SIGN UP Post is this one :

(You do need to apply for membership- but that's you can apply and then you'll be a member AFTER sign ups close- and really, this seems like such a great comm so why not become a member?):

So it seems Fun and flexible and it Would Be AMAZING if more people sign up for it so there's more great Fic.

so people who watch me, consider this my attempt to tempt you to participate. (I Am)
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Title: Seven Years- (Ron/Hermione-FANVIDEO)
Artist: Julia Coolia.
Rating: PG
Why I loved it: Ron/Hermione are one of my 3 OTP and I though this was a lovely tribute to them. A fanvideo&fan-written Song it tells of Hermione's developing feeling for Ron throughout the seven years (and beyond). The song was beautiful and I admit I teared up a bit at my beautiful OTP. Definitely watch this!
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Title:HPPS The Flying Motorbike:
Artist: SaBenerica
Rating: PG (implied neglect?)
Why I loved it: The amount of small details on this piece is a treat to look at, and the artist really breathed life into this, giving us a detailed glimpse of what Harry´s experience pre-Hogwarts was like. At the same time, really looking at the details breaks your heart because you can see just how lonely harry is (those drawings of a "happy family" *SNIFF*)

Title:Harry Potter Bookmarks:
Rating: G
Why I loved it: These are just so cool and creative, and despite their simplicity I´m in awe puzzlement about how the artist did them.

Title:Escape from Gringotts:
Rating: PG
Why I loved it: This is Such a EPIC piece. The colors areso rich and vibrant, making the entire piece alive and seemingly jump at you. (look at that red hot fire!)

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1. Title: The Marauders: (COSPLAY)
Rating: G
Why I loved it: It Really hard to find Good guy cosplayers for Harry Potter. This is a gem not only because they're All guys but Also they manage to look a Lot like the actual Marauders *although their Sirius seems more movie!Sirius/Gary Oldman than book!Canon but- still works* and PETER! they picked a peter that's plumpy and Round Faced. (As it Should be)

2. Title: Avatared Marauders:
Artist: Viria
Rating: G?
Why I loved it: Crossovers! I love crossovers! (specially well done ones). I think which-bender is which of the Marauders is Well done and accurate. (Sirius Is Definitely A firebender).

3. Title: Special Friends (ART CRAFT):
Artist: current anonymous due to Fest.
Rating: G.
Why I loved it: knitted Padfoot & Crookshanks going on an adventure together. This is THE Cutest piece of FanArt I seen in a long time. (also really creative- the artist made them herself! which must have been So hard). The combination of the knitted animals combined with the posed photographs makes this like a little life-like comic. Also it gave me the overwhelming desire to have a stuffed Padfoot. Major thumbs up to this!
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*Title: Simple Potterific 14- Yule Ball surprise:

Why I loved it: Another oldie-but a goodie Rec. I loved ktshy Potterific comics. They were really fun and colorful (and was sad when she stopped making them)
Now, I'm not a Dramione shipper At All-but I liked this comic for the prettiness that the design of Hermione's Yule Ball look and the hilarious aspect of Malfoy wanting to say something hurtful and say something completely different instead ;p

*Title: Pansy Parkinson:
Artist: feliciacano
Rating: G
Why I loved it: Even If I love the movies and their representation of *Most* of the characters, I still enjoy looking at Book Canon FanArt of them in their exaggerated features glory. In this case, Pansy Parkinson and her clearly puggish nose. This artist also has a Gorgeous story-book style.

*Title: Pansy Parkinson:
Rating: G
Why I loved it: Love it when Hp artists go on and design wizard-esque fashion. Specially adding the pointy witch-y hats that I much missed from the movies. In this case I love the combination of purple & green, the swirly pattern and the stripped socks with pointy shoes. Very witchy.

*Title: Slytherin Girls Aren't So Bad:
Artist: NicoPony
Rating: G
Why I loved it: Love the vintage style of this Artist's (Nicopony) style. And this was such a cute book moment to illustrate (look at the Baby Unicorns!)

*Title: A Different Sort of Dance:
Authot: leigh-adams
Summary: Pansy finds a way to entertain herself during yet another Malfoy party.
Rating: R
Why I love it: I love the characterization of Harry in this a foil to Pansy's grumpyness. but for me the Highlight was little scorpius letter to Pansy. It was Adorable and portrayed Scorpius as a lot more aware of things that little kids are given credit for. So cute and Funny!
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Title: Practice
Rating: PG
Summary:  It wasn't that Angelina had been abandoned by her date, precisely...

Why I loved it: I love Any Fic that Adds depth to the Wealey Twins, as themselves and as their individual selves, so this was a delight to read. I love the slow build-up romance in this piece between "Angie" and Fred- showcasing that he can be more than just a prankster.

Title: Faith:
Author: TajaReyul
: PG/PG-13
Summary: When Audrey is called to appear before the Muggle-born Registration Commission, she hits upon a unique plan to safeguard her wand.

Why I loved it: I still don't know what to think of Percy's-future-wife-Audrey-- as we only have her name to go by in canon-- But this is one of my Favorite interpretations of her because it paints her as just So Clever & "has character" - and the slow build up of her romance with Percy during/post Second World War was lovely and believable. (and I usually don't like Percy! but I loved his portrayal here)

Title:Almost Honorable:
Rating: PG
Summary: Lee Jordan never thought he'd be anything more than a prankster. Funny how war changes people.

Why I loved it: Again, Love fics that flesh out characters beyond the simplistic. This might be Short but it was a nice peek into Lee Jordan during the War.

Title:Help in Hufflepuff:
Rating: PG
Summary: AU. Professor Sprout is ill, but this doesn't prevent her from caring for her little badgers. Or do they have to reverse the roles? Just a little, fluffy drabble.

Why I loved it: Hufflepuff at it's Best. I have a soft spot for the Hufflepuff house (Favorite House, followed by Gryffindor) and this really showcase the unity in the members of the Hufflepuff House.

Title: Love in an Unlikely Heart:
Author: et-tu-lj
Rating: PG
Summary: Boys were a distraction, and Millicent Bullstrode didn't need someone to fawn over her. She got more done without someone underfoot. At least that's what she used to think.
Why I love it: LOVE it when I find fics that portray the more quiet- type of love. and this is so funny and lovely.
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I got this meme from [ profile] alphabet26
1. Pick a pairing or a character
2. Ask me my particular headcanon regarding something about them
3. Post to your journal to share your own headcanon!
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Physical Health: 



Mental Health:




First Impression: 
Philosophy of Life: 
Phrases they use often: 


Spouse/Significant Other:
Family History: 





Face & Complexion: 
Defining Marks: 
Dress Style:
Possessions always on this person: 
Manner of Speech:
Manner of Movement: 


Marital Status: 
Sexual Preference: 
Turn ons: 
Turn offs: 
Past Relationship(s): 

Thing To Do: 

Least Favourite 

Thing To Do: 
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Title: Wonders of your Hair
pairing: Sybil Trelawney/Xenophilius Lovegood
summary- they thought no one understood, even among the imaginative Ravenclaws they were the outcasts.
Xenophilius Lovegood had felt that not one of his fellow Ravenclaws understood him until he met her- Sybil Trelawney. even among the eccentric and imaginative Ravenclaws she was an outcast, like himself. Xeno was an outcast because he saw creatures no one else could see and believed things that some people considered delusional. Trelawney was shunned because she kept saying she saw things from the future, but she was right once in half a dozen of her predictions.

What first attracted Xeno to Sibyl hadn't been that she was an outcast. No, it had been her bottle thick glasses and wild out of control hay colored hair- which Xeno believed was being used as a nest of bushinguris and that's why Sybil wore those thick glasses to be able to see them.

At first Sibyl had been a little frightened of Xeno, for he kept insisting he needed to borrow her seeing glasses to see strange creatures she couldn't even pronounce. And he had scared her out her wits once, when she had felt his hands going through her bushy hair while she had been in the library reading a book titled "Seers of history and what made them famous". Sibyl had hit him over and over again with her book thinking him a possessed person, an omen of bad luck that had found her as the beginning of a tragic prediction that was unraveling. Xeno had evaded the heavy book blows enough to place one of his charmed silver bells to repeal wraspurts around her neck, and had let her touch his hair in return for him having touched hers. Sibyl had been surprised at both gestures, especially at how much she liked touching Xeno’s hair, which was soft as whisps of wind to her. It was so lovely.

Over the next month a wonderful friendship bloomed. Sybil found someone who didn't laughed at her or shunned her, but believed in her seeing “gift” and encouraged it. Xeno was always willing to listen, no matter how tragic some of her predictions were. But he managed to make her see things different too, she was able to enjoy the world around her more, as she listened attentively to his tales of wonderful invisible creatures. Sybil began believing in good omens just as much, if not more, as bad ones. Xeno had the habit of running his fingers through her wild tangled hair, whispering about little invisible creatures that Sybil didn’t thought actually lived in her hair, but she didn’t mind much, as the feeling of Xeno’s fingers caressing her head was very nice.

She wasn’t sure who had been the one who taken the step forward in their relationship. One day she had been reading the future in the lines on his hand, lot of misfortunes in his future, but she also saw many happy things, and wondered if they would be with her. Suddenly she felt his thin fingers take hold around her bottle glasses and pull them away from her face, he then kissed her fluttering eyelids. The world suddenly blurry she tried to find his face, and her little lips found his. Sybil’s eyes widened, but she didn’t pulled away, as she felt a whole new world of feeling burst inside her, just as vivid as her predictions. She took it as a sign.


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