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Happy Birthday Neville!

To Celebrate- here's some of my Favorite Ginny/Neville fanfics!

*Title: A Knight in Rusty Armour
Author: coffee_n_cocoa

Summary: Six moments where Neville was there when Ginny needed him.

* TITLE: First Kiss

SUMMARY: Neville glanced over his shoulder, surprised by the interruption and even more startled by Ginny’s presence. “Ginny, what are you doing here?” Ginny shrugged. “Visiting you.”

* TITLE: Boudicca
Author: Lokifan

SUMMARY: Ginny reminds Neville of Boudicca, flame-haired warrior queen. She likes that.

* Title: A Blaze for Yule
Author: Celandine

Summary: They spend a perfect afternoon together.

* Title: The Lover and the Soldier
Author: butforthegrace

Summary: Whenever people go off to war, the books always talk about how hard it is for the soldier when he leaves. They talk about his lover, worrying at home as she sees him off, and they talk about the tragedy of when he comes home in a body bag. They never talk about what happens if the lover is a soldier, too.

*Title: Mistletoe
Author: tryslora

Summary: Neville takes Ginny to the Yule Ball in his fourth year. She is braver than he is.

*Title: Still Hope
Author: Celandine

Summary: Neville gives a gift of hope

*Title: Complementarity
Author: Celandine

Summary: Revising for N.E.W.T.s has unexpected consequences.

*Title:  Family Christmas
Author: Celandine

Summary: Neville and Ginny compromise about what to do for Christmas.

*Title: Lost And Found
Author: kcstories

Summary: Two weeks have passed since Augusta’s funeral and no one has heard from Neville since. A worried Ginny visits him and decides he needs her help.

* The Dance
Author: Celandine

Summary: Dancing isn’t Neville’s strong suit.

*Title: Gryffindor’s Hero
Author: Jenwryn

Summary: And Ginny’s watching Neville again.

*The Disasterous Christmas
Author: Elfflame

Summary: Ginny/Neville - Nev botches up their first Christmas together as newlyweds.

* Title: The Dating Game
Author/Artist: alisanne

Summary:  Neville finally asks Ginny out for dinner on Christmas Eve. When they get to the restaurant, they see Gran Longbottom there on a date with ____________.

*Title: A Day in Bed
Author/Artist: csichick_2

Summary: When a snow storm ruins their plans, Neville and Ginny spend the day in bed.

For my fellow Flaming Toad//Nevra shippers!!! Enjoy!

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