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banner by [ profile] knowmefirst

I'm definitely going to check it out
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So the lovely [ profile] birdsofshore has the absolutely Brilliant Idea for this:

banner by [ profile] capitu

it's an awesome idea because now we can flood our favorite characters/pairings with all the LOVE and Recognition they Deserve! *coughLikeRonWeasleycough*

so Go Go Go!
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HP Fests is a new comunity that someone brought my attention to and I couldn't be happier about it!!!
It's brand new, so I dont know how sucessful it will be, but nothing wrong with trying to get it to become fun and active and popular- afterall, the hp fandom needs a bit more diversity right now.

The prompting for their first fest is up- and it's a Het-dedicated fest.:

 This makes me excited!

so go check it out! (and think about participating in the het-fest- this could add more het fic/art in the fandom! which I miss!):

[ profile] hp_fests
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[ profile] hp_drizzle [ profile] hp_drizzle [ profile] hp_drizzle

Prompting Open Until 15th April!

This is a NEW Hp Fest based on the very cool idea of doing art/Fanfic based on Weather!

To be More specific, HP_Drizzle is:
"It's an anonymous prompt-based fest, hosted by nearlyconscious and flyingharmony. Authors and artists will create a Harry Potter piece that involves weather in any kind; for example, it could be Character A and Character B kissing in the rain or Character C building a snowman in their garden; everything's possible, and everything's allowed - this includes het, femmeslash, slash, gen or threesomes as well as angst, darkfic, fluff, hurt/comfort, humour or any other genre your heart desires!"

(AND MORE HET & GEN- PROMPTS-- It's only been a Day and the Slashers Are already taking over D:< )

so Go GO GO!!!! *and prompt Het&Gen !*
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Title: Wonders of your Hair
pairing: Sybil Trelawney/Xenophilius Lovegood
summary- they thought no one understood, even among the imaginative Ravenclaws they were the outcasts.
Xenophilius Lovegood had felt that not one of his fellow Ravenclaws understood him until he met her- Sybil Trelawney. even among the eccentric and imaginative Ravenclaws she was an outcast, like himself. Xeno was an outcast because he saw creatures no one else could see and believed things that some people considered delusional. Trelawney was shunned because she kept saying she saw things from the future, but she was right once in half a dozen of her predictions.

What first attracted Xeno to Sibyl hadn't been that she was an outcast. No, it had been her bottle thick glasses and wild out of control hay colored hair- which Xeno believed was being used as a nest of bushinguris and that's why Sybil wore those thick glasses to be able to see them.

At first Sibyl had been a little frightened of Xeno, for he kept insisting he needed to borrow her seeing glasses to see strange creatures she couldn't even pronounce. And he had scared her out her wits once, when she had felt his hands going through her bushy hair while she had been in the library reading a book titled "Seers of history and what made them famous". Sibyl had hit him over and over again with her book thinking him a possessed person, an omen of bad luck that had found her as the beginning of a tragic prediction that was unraveling. Xeno had evaded the heavy book blows enough to place one of his charmed silver bells to repeal wraspurts around her neck, and had let her touch his hair in return for him having touched hers. Sibyl had been surprised at both gestures, especially at how much she liked touching Xeno’s hair, which was soft as whisps of wind to her. It was so lovely.

Over the next month a wonderful friendship bloomed. Sybil found someone who didn't laughed at her or shunned her, but believed in her seeing “gift” and encouraged it. Xeno was always willing to listen, no matter how tragic some of her predictions were. But he managed to make her see things different too, she was able to enjoy the world around her more, as she listened attentively to his tales of wonderful invisible creatures. Sybil began believing in good omens just as much, if not more, as bad ones. Xeno had the habit of running his fingers through her wild tangled hair, whispering about little invisible creatures that Sybil didn’t thought actually lived in her hair, but she didn’t mind much, as the feeling of Xeno’s fingers caressing her head was very nice.

She wasn’t sure who had been the one who taken the step forward in their relationship. One day she had been reading the future in the lines on his hand, lot of misfortunes in his future, but she also saw many happy things, and wondered if they would be with her. Suddenly she felt his thin fingers take hold around her bottle glasses and pull them away from her face, he then kissed her fluttering eyelids. The world suddenly blurry she tried to find his face, and her little lips found his. Sybil’s eyes widened, but she didn’t pulled away, as she felt a whole new world of feeling burst inside her, just as vivid as her predictions. She took it as a sign.


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