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I had some doubts, and the movie is not perfect, but


come talk to me about it!

(Will do a review later today but overall the feeling is:

Date: 2016-11-30 09:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I liked it, but thought the beasts were better than the plot. :/ Still, it was a fun movie, and I TOTALLY ship Jacob/Queenie.

I have my own review on my LJ.

Date: 2016-11-30 10:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The Beasts WERE SO PRETTY! I cried happy tears when we went into Newt's case/sanctuary because it gave me the same wave of awe and wonder and happy warmth I got in the original movies when we saw Diagon Alley and Hogwarts for the first time.

the plot--- yeah. I was very worried about JKR take on witch persecution (specially about making the Barebones explicit religious extremist as a sort of jab at the religious conservative who wanted to ban HP- which as a religious hp fan- Do not Want- but fortunately it was super toned down- like no explicit mention of 'God will damn you' or 'going to hell for your witchcraft'- which was a relief)

also yeah the world building was very- flimsy as far as MACUSA the Second Salemers were.

what made/saved the movie for me were the characters- The Quartet were my favorites but I also liked Graves (who was interesting until the reveal), and I kind of liked the overshadowed younger Shaw brother, and Abernathy was fun in a cartoony jerk sort of way.

Jacob & Queenie were SO SWEET. (but I hope they flesh out the whys of what made them click- because like while they definitely had great chemistry (THAT KISS!!!! THE SCENE IN THE END! *CRIES*) I felt the 'why' they fancied each other a bit flat (she's beautiful/he's the first NoMaj she ever met)- so I hope they add more nuances in the next four movies.
Because I definitely root for them.

Newt/Tina took me a while to warm up to, but by the end of the movie it grew on me.
( they better get good development/flesh out because it's obvious they're the main couple and obvious endgame) But they definitely look very cute together (it helped that Tina loosen up and the way she smiled at Newt and their goodbye scene was so sweet.

(Not looking forward to the very blatant set up of the love triangle between Tina/Newt/Leta because JKR seem obsessed with those and the 'third person' always ends up looking bad and I'm tired of that. (ex. Cho, Matthew in the Strike novels)

but overall I really liked it (and it was such a palate cleanser after the crappyness that was Cursed Child)

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